Using one industrial waste to clean up another

At ThioTech, we provide novel materials for remediation of waste mercury and recovery of gold for commercial partners

We provide new materials with applications in waste management and recovery of precious metal from solution. Our materials are high affinity, high capacity and more cost-effective than most commercial solutions currently offered.

Cost-effective removal of trace mercury without compromise

Current systems for the removal of metal ions from solution are a compromise between selectivity, cost and capacity. Furthermore, removal of trace mercury solutions (ppb level) is currently challenging with the tools available to industry.

Our materials remove that compromise and facilitate the selective and cost-effective removal of metal ions from solution utilising our proprietary technology.

More information regarding our materials is available under the technology page.


Our materials remove compromise between selectivity, cost, and capacity


Our materials are effective at a wide range of concentrations, including the sub ppm level

Low Cost

By using our technology, you can remove more mercury than your competitors at a lower cost basis

Who are ThioTech?

ThioTech Ltd. was founded in 2022 resulting from the discovery of a novel polymerisation process that incorporates large amount of elemental sulfur. Sulfur is a waste product of the petrochemicals industry and has a high affinity for metals such as gold and sulfur.

Technology developed at the University of Liverpool has allowed for the development of novel materials generated from these polymers to remove such metals from solution.

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