It is, but that doesn’t matter. What matters to the customer is the price per gram of metal recovered, not the price per gram of sorbent – in those terms ThioTech technology will be cheaper

This depends upon the application. If you are using a lot more activated carbon than ThioTech materials then it is likely that you are spending more on activated carbon than you would be our material. Sometimes the performance of the material overrules the price/kg. It is more helpful to think in terms of mercury removed/£.

For mercury, many consumers will prefer the mercury to remain on the material and if go to storage or landfill, depending on local regulations

If desired, the Hg can be stripped back off by distillation or acid stripping, either by a mercury processing company, or potentially sent back to us.

For gold, it can be recovered by combustion, electrowinning, or chemical dissolution.

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